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On the Road…

Jyo and I started our road trip, together in the same car this time, leaving from Saint Helens to meet up with one of her dearest friends in Tahoe, California. It was a short trip with only one overnight (thanks KOA…again) but we managed to squeeze in a visit to an old church by the side of the road that just begged to be photographed. A junk of abandoned highway nearby provided some needed leg stretching for Jyo. Tahoe was lovely by the way. I never actually photographed the beautiful water of the lake but had a wonderful time photographing Jyo’s reunion with her soul sister. Or…should I say…soul sisters…? 😉

On the road…

Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

Incidentally, those two teeeeeny tiiiiiny little dots up on top of that “hill”…are people. The lovely Jyo for scale…

After a wonderful night of camping in Wyoming, we decided to make one more special stop before long-hauling the rest of the way to Oregon. We chose Craters of the Moon national monument…a place that had us with the name alone. Its a lava field, millions of years old, that has oozed over the earth in the middle of the Idaho wilderness. In some places, the rock resembles black taffy that has been frozen in the act of being turned and stretched. Even tiny rocks of the black pumice here contain millions of sparkling minerals in every color. We climbed a small mountain made of billions of tiny chunks of magma shot out of the ground eons ago to get a sweeping and windy view of the valley below that will take your breath away. Not real good at the pano shot but included it.

The photograph of the lady with her dog happened at the campground there at the monument…which was a highlight in and of itself. They have a first come first serve basis for camping there, and no services except for basic toilet (no water) but there are lots of spaces and the view is almost completely unspoiled. Noise and light pollution are zero so you are in for memorable night of star gazing while camping in the soft, sandy gravel of the campground.

Kelly was hauling a Moped and she and Casey have logged about 300 miles, papoose-style, adventuring from Washington on their way to The Grand Canyon. Casey frequently falls asleep with her nose on Kelly’s shoulder as they motor their way through amazing scenery.

Bee-line for Oregon after this.

On the road…

Rock Springs, Wyoming.

With two cars and lots of stuff, we still needed to take it easy camping-wise until we were united into a single car. KOAs fit the bill nicely. They’re everywhere, they’re cheap, they’re clean and literally everyone I’ve met in one is friendly as hell.
My favorite one is in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I’ve been there multiple times now and every time I feel like I’m getting this giant bonus added to my campsite. While one side of the camp very typically faces the highway, the other faces these wonderful Wyoming bluffs that offer one of the best sunset views anywhere. Such a pleasure to share this with my Jyo.

Onto Craters of the Moon next.

On the road…

Monument Rocks, Kansas…

Monument Rocks stick up out of the otherwise flat, Kansas landscape like an illusion. Jyo had been there many years before and was able to describe it to me but I still didn’t have any notion of how anything that could be described as “pyramid like” could be found anywhere in the expanse of Kansas landscape I saw around us. The drive up reveals them only at the last minute and takes you completely by surprise. Access to the area is from a long dirt road but is easily drivable in dry conditions. There are no parking restrictions and its on private land so you can just drive right up to them. We spent nearly 2 hours there…seeing only one other small family group the entire time…photographing and exploring. The rock here is comprised mostly of chalk. Its so soft you can affect it by scratching it with your fingernail…though I expect it took a little more than fingernails to carve the heart-shaped rock we found there.

Up next…a night in Wyoming.

On the road…

I took a break after Utah, to rest and prepare for the next part of my road trip…meeting Jyo in Kansas to make the drive with her, caravan style, back to Oregon. I met her in Lawrence, where she was visiting with her sister and her family, having just completed the first leg of HER journey from Virginia. After over a month apart, it was so wonderful so see Jyo again and to begin our adventures together. We spent a few days there and were even able to see her niece in a school production of Much Ado About Nothing before we hit the road again. It was the first live theater I’ve seen in over a year and those kids put on one hell of show. Masks and all…they made it all work and they made it all fun.

Next up…on the road…together finally…from Kansas to Oregon.

On the road…

The road through Zion to Bryce Canyon.

When I was a kid, I saw a set of antique post cards from Zion and Bryce. They were old prints that had been hand painted. The colors in them were impossible to me…I thought maybe the color artist had gotten a little carried away. I thought then I’d love to see if those color are real. Thats the real reason I decided to come here. Those damn post cards. They’ve always stayed in my mind.

From Las Vegas, to get to Bryce, you gotta go through Zion and oh thank god you do. I didn’t make any stops there other than to shoot from the road but its for sure on my list of places to come back to and explore.

Turns out, those cards got it pretty much right.

Onward to Bryce.