On the Road…

San Francisco. It’s really my favorite American city. Always has been. I spent some formative time there in my youth so Im sure that has something to do with it. And I’ve heard all the complaints…too noisy…too dirty…too political…too something or not enough of another. I don’t care…the energy…the air…the history…the incredible grab-bag of humanity…the architecture…those goddamned hills…I love all of it. ‘cept for the traffic…yeah yeah…I get that part. That part suuuuucks.

Jyo had only been to the bay area many years ago as a child, so I knew I would look forward to showing her some of my favorite places. But Jyo had a surprise for me…she had arranged, with her Dad, a tour of the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute, where he had been married back in the 70’s. He is a carpenter by trade and has been hired to come back and oversee renovation on the building which has been there on Dolores St. for over 50 years.

If you don’t know, the Institute was started by the same Swami known for opening the Woodstock Music Festival, Sri Swami Satchidananda. Its a beautiful building, well on its way to being lovingly restored by a man who knows it well. He toured us top to bottom and included a view from the roof of the mission district that is my new favorite place to see the City.

After, I took her to Golden Gate Park and to a couple of other places I love so much. And thanks to my lovey friend Casey and her husband Dave for putting us up (AGAIN!!!) for the night…oh and for the margaritas. Always for the margaritas.

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