On the Road from Virginia to Oregon

Part 4. I took my Onewheel out to the middle of some bluffs behind my camp in Wyoming.
Note the face of someone after the best ride ever.

On the Road from Virginia to Oregon

Part 3. Colorado…

The looming mountains and dinner with my boys.

On the Road from Virginia to Oregon

Part 2. Kansas.
Also part 3,4,5 and a good chunk of 6. You know what I mean…..


On the road from Virginia to Oregon…

Part 1.

The first few days have been fairly smooth as I have made my way from Virginia, through West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and now Kansas. My little Kleenex box of a car has struggled somewhat with steep grades, but so far so good with nothing but sweet, sweet flatness. Until I get to Colorado. But that will be another story. I stopped in on my friend Travis in West Virginia. He and his wife Brandy prepared an amazing dinner for me and we celebrated with some very fine Scotch (courtesy of a certain silver-haired Charlottesville musical-legend-friend of mine) and some very fine reminiscing on our time at Crutchfield Corp. as coworkers. Travis is a truck driver now and so ridiculously happy it just makes you want to puke…or give him a hug. Meh…either way. Travis and my now new best friend Obi (his neighbor), rescued me from getting stuck in Travis’s driveway by the way. A tow strap and a well piloted four wheel drive tractor prevailed against what would have been the world’s shortest cross country road trip otherwise.

At my first campsite I met David and Denisha, who were not only very kind in helping me figure out a route for the day but also contributed a much needed dollop of milk to a struggling cup of campfire coffee. They tell me they do this just about every weekend.

Also, some where in a men’s bathroom in Indiana, I may or may not have picked up some early stocking stuffers for y’all. Nuff said.

Total number of dogs photographed so far…3. That’s Peanut and Norman by the way…intersected on my morning walk to the bathroom.


Naomi and Anne Marie…

Sometimes you get to photograph dear friends. And sometimes, you get to photograph dear friends to help their small businesses. Both of these things make me very, very happy. My last official photoshoot before I move to Oregon next week, and I’m so thrilled to go out with love and wonderful photographs of  Naomi Beck and Anne Marie Vincent on a perfect spring morning.


Eamon in the studio today…

Always quietly so happy when a friend asks me to photograph them.


Renee’s and Tim’s Bookstore Wedding…

A snowstorm you say? A global pandemic you say?
Pishaw. Your Valentine’s Day moment of zen with this sweet getaway wedding.